Water and asphalt - Javier Torices

Water and asphalt

The sea brings together the lands that it has separated itself



His inspiration, his plastic theme, has always been the city. The urban landscape has dominated the corpus of painting throughout its trajectory. But in this exhibition, Javier Torices has given a twist to his work and has wanted to recreate himself in the water, in the sea that enters the city and wets its limits and shores. Water and Asphalt. Asphalt and Water

It is a fresh and renewed dialogue, in paintings featuring beautiful and humid cities such as Venice, Seville, Santander, Ibiza or Paris. Cities that lend themselves to vedutte, because the river or sea water bathes them every day to renew their beauty in sunlight and before the brushes that catch their folds.

The Madrid author has felt the wet and telluric call of water next to the asphalt of the cities. With its precise and rich figuration of color, it recreates the monuments, houses, streets, corners or coastal rocks of those cities chosen by its artist’s heart. The painter’s gaze is never harmless, he rests there where his sensitivity and his retinas demand him, where his intuition demands him.

Torices is a rigorous architect in his technique. He rigorously and rigorously applies the pigment on board, his usual way of painting. He knows that preparing the support and applying the paint with mastery are important to achieve the final quality of a painting. He experiences creative tension from the first to the last brush stroke, when the work requires the end point.

Water and Asphalt. Asphalt and Water. A theme and a challenge to capture and captivate the viewer of these paintings. The city is bathed and is offered in each work as the verse of a long poem signed by who knows the craft of painting from childhood and celebrates it as a feast for the eyes in each of its exhibitions. Javier Torices offers us his most recent works in which he wanted to put together opposing elements that complement each other poetically.

Julia Sáez-Angulo

From the Spanish Association of Art Critics.

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